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            Pasta Salad with Anchovies, Salami and Gouda Cheese

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            A substantial main dish salad that will happily keep in the refrigerator overnight, needling only crisp rolls to make a satisfying meal.
            Recipe by: Brigitte 1
            Created: Jul 20, 2018 11:09 AM

            Prep time

            30 m

            Cook time

            15 m

            Total time

            45 m




            6 ozsmall pasta bows or shells
            1 onion, skinned and thinly sliced
            2 clovesgarlic, skinned and crushed
            4 tbspolive oil
            2 tbspred wine vinegar
            0.5 tspsalt
            0.5 tspblack pepper
            2 ozanchovies, canned in oil
            2 ozpitted black olives
            4 ozsliced salami
            4 ozGouda cheese
            Cost CalculatorTotal:
            Per serving:


            1. Cook the pasta to Basic Method and leave to stand.
            2. Soften the onion and garlic in half the oil, 2-3 minutes.
            3. Stir in remaining oil, vinegar and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to the boil 1-1.5 minutes.
            4. Drain and chop the anchovies. Slice the olives.
            5. Thoroughly drain the hot pasta and tip into a serving bowl.
            6. Toss with the hot dressing, the anchovies and olives. Allow to cool.
            7. Cut the salami into ribbons and spread the cheese. Stir into the salad shortly before serving.

            Recipe Notes

            Cooks tip
            At the end of step 6 the salad can be stored in the refrigerator but for best flavor allow to come to at room temperature before serving. Not suitable for freezing.


            Easy » Beginner Cook, Equipment » Small Appliance » Microwave, Equipment » Stove Top, From Scratch, Presentation » Served Cold

            Nutrition Facts

            Amount per serving ( total)

            % Daily Value*
            Calories463 kcal
            Total Fat34.9 g
            Saturated Fat11.1 g
            Trans Fat0 g
            Cholesterol63 mg
            Sodium1290 mg
            Total Carbs18.4 g
            Dietary Fiber1.9 g
            Total Sugars2.7 g
            Protein19.1 g
            Vitamin A, RAE52 μg
            Vitamin B10.31 mg
            Vitamin B20.24 mg
            Vitamin B33.83 mg
            Vitamin B50.59 mg
            Vitamin B60.28 mg
            Vitamin B917.7 μg
            Vitamin B121.31 μg
            Choline11.5 mg
            Vitamin C3 mg
            Vitamin D6 IU
            Vitamin E2.66 mg
            Vitamin K9.6 μg
            Calcium245 mg
            Iron1 mg
            Potassium270 mg
            Phosphorus282 mg
            Magnesium34 mg
            Zinc2.8 mg
            Selenium28.1 μg
            Copper0.17 mg
            Manganese0.28 mg

            * The Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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